Sailing in Turkey with Busabout

I was on a boat, so obviously there is many a photo of boat related things and water. I met up with an old friend and about-to-be-new friends in Fethiye for a week of sailing around the south coast of Turkey. It was my first ever organised holiday (booked through Busabout), which made for an interesting time in and of itself (Australians! so, so many), but it meant there was essentially nothing for us to do once we were on board. Asides from swim, read, lounge, play cards and watch the scenery pass by. Not so bad really (but I couldn’t help but feel a little lazy), and likely the most relaxing holiday I have had outside of NZ. We did at least get off the boat at every opportunity, to explore a little and hunt out snacks and wifi. My photos are the biggest, unordered jumble of my week, but you get the general idea.

About Busabout Sail Turkey:
We set out from Fethiye and returned there after seven days of visiting small bays and small towns. The boat and crew are actually part of V-Go, but contracted by Busabout. There is no wifi on the boat, but it is plentiful in cafes and bars at all landings. We had an almost tour guide join us for the first two nights, to overcome some language issues from other trips but, to be honest, our group seemed to manage just fine with our Turkish crew (who were awesome, by the way). There were options for excursions (para-sailing, diving, etc) but with the exception of the para-sailing and the entry for Butterfly Valley, our group opted for (cheaper) relaxation time. The cabins on the boat are super cute (also tiny) and each has its own bathroom. I almost didn’t get to share rooms with the group I was travelling with, due to last minute booking combining, but luckily we were some of the first to be assigned rooms and the crew were able to make some changes for us.

I arrived a day early and stayed at the V-Go Guesthouse, who provide a shuttle to the V-Go offices at boat check-in time. The accommodation can be booked through Busabout, but I did mine through Booking (things like remembering my Busabout login details being too challenging for me). Bit of advice: don’t book the Busabout organised shuttle from Dalaman airport to Fethiye. At something like 40 euro per person it is much, much more expensive than any of the local options. There is a cheap as chips local bus, with a schedule that aligns to domestic flights, or shuttles and taxis. For my arrival I booked a shuttle with holidaytaxis for just under 9 euro that left from the International terminal (five minutes walking from the domestic terminal), and shared a 120 TL taxi between 4 of us back to the airport post trip.

Alcohol has to be bought from the bar on the boat, but is reasonably priced and the captain announces semi-regular happy hour prices. They have a tab system that is paid off on your last morning before disembarking, meaning you can make last minute trips to an ATM in Fethiye. ATMs, snacks, Wifi, souvenirs and bars can be found at most stops (particularly Kas and Kalkan).


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