Soggy weekend misadventures


The second weekend of the parents visit was marked, unfortunately, by missed adventures. Our Sundays that could have been went like this:

Two nights in Bologna, rescheduled so we could go on the mas en mas (an 8k eating and drinking walk around vineyards), postponed by rain. Next up was a day trip (with umbrellas) to Riva del Garda (a pretty town at the top of Lake Garda), cancelled due to my inability to read bus instructions. Somewhere in our makeshift plans we forgot that the original plan was to go to the Maria Dolens (Rovereto’s peace bell). Instead we trained to Trento and spent a soggy few hours there, occasionally seeking shelter under the earth where remains of Roman Trento can be seen (such as this city wall).

20140428-145137.jpgToday, after another few soggy hours, this time in Verona where we ate hamburgers for lunch (horror!) and I was somehow inspired enough by the rain to buy a sunhat, the parents have departed on a holiday (from me) for a week and I’m left hoping the rain clears in time for my rescheduled wine walk.

This photo of soggy tourists in soggy rain in soggy Juliet’s house.


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