A tiny museum


A full year after we arrived, I finally made it across the river and up a hill to visit the Museo della Cartolina ‘S. Nuvoli’ (the Postcard Museum) in Isera. I have a bit of a thing about postcards, as the growing collection of pictures stuck to our lounge wall suggests, and had long planned a trip there. I was hoping for many a vintage Rovereto or Trentino postcard so was a little disappointed to discover the Verdi collection on display, that also included a few books and concert programmes. But we can’t always get what we want. The cute old man who owned/ran the museum seemed concerned about how quickly I got through the three rooms of exhibits, so took me back through to point out this painting here, and another room back there thinking that I must have missed something. So as well as finally making it to the museum, I also got a personal tour! and a broken Italian (mine) conversation about the olive wood necklace I was wearing. Not too bad for a Thursday.


3 thoughts on “A tiny museum

  1. Hi there Matt and Hayley! I’ve just discovered your delicious blog, I’m scratching my head a lot while living in Sicily and from Australia originally. I love postcards too and have just began following Molto Molto.
    Molto Molto moltissimo fortuna!

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