Easter weekend road tripping

My parents arrived for a visit just in time for Easter weekend, which coincidentally was our final weekend of having valid drivers licenses for Italy. So we took a trip together that went something like this: Verona > Trieste > Postojna Caves > Zagreb > Krapina > Ljubljana > Trieste > Palmanova > Belluno > Rovereto. That was a LOT of driving that nearly didn’t happen due to some spectacular fuckery by our car rental company, but it did happen and we had a great time.

Our overnight stays in Trieste either side of our two nights in Zagreb were not enough time to explore that particular city, even though our GPS (named Sybil) liked to take us on the narrow, winding, scenic route through the hills behind Trieste to and from the autostrada. Thanks, Sybil.

We managed Slovenian sight seeing stops on both journeys, to the beautiful Postojna cave (that included a two kilometre underground train ride) and a brief stop in Ljubljana, where the city symbol appears to be a dragon. Amazing! Less amazing was lunching in an autrostrada cafe, while a mobile mechanic drove off with our punctured tyre.

We also took in a Neanderthal museum in Krapina, ate strawberries from Dolac Market in Zagreb, visited the star-shaped city walls in Palmanova and joined the Italians on their pre-dinner dusk stroll in Trieste. Not bad for five days!

A mix of all the places in the photos above.


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