Us lately


I’m not really sure exactly what we have been doing lately. Mostly we have just been sticking to a bit of a routine – this year has been the first time we’ve managed to keep any kind of regular hours of anything since we first arrived here. We’ve both been working fairly regularly, with my early morning starts meaning we’re also keeping regular sleeping hours. We’ve traveled a little, but have kept our trips contained to the weekends so as not to interfere with the previously mentioned work. We’ve been trying to cut down on our sugar intake, as per the current fashion. I bought a blender for making green smoothies post run/yoga session. I also re-purposed a tomato passata bottle to act as my green smoothie holder (to replace the tall glasses we keep smashing) – it’s not quite a mason jar, but my inner twee levels still spiked a little. I’ve even been doing a little online learning through coursera and

BUT, if that is all sounding a little too virtuously boring, summer is coming and my job has been quit. So I’m sure things can only get more interesting from here on in.


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