Matt’s castle adventures

Edinburgh Castle

A bit of a theme has developed across our European adventures, what I’m going to call a ‘Matt doesn’t get to visit castles’ theme. Above we have exhibit A and our first castle attempt (and a very young Matt), in Edinburgh. Our very first castle in our very first European city on our first overseas adventure together. Of course we left the castle until our last day to visit, only to find it closed due to bad weather. But still open for photos, or something. This one probably hurt the most.

A week or so later we were in Ghent, on a mini Brussels tour with the girlfriend of the flat mate of the friend we were staying with, and happened to swing past the local castle. Which was, of course, closed. But still very pretty.

Ghent Castle

And here we have the exception that proves the rule, Rovereto’s very own castle. Now home to a WWI museum, we checked out this local landmark last summer. Success!

Rovereto Castle

Fourth and final is yesterday’s attempt. I think by now we kind of expect to not get inside whatever castle we come across. Because Matt doesn’t get to visit castles.



2 thoughts on “Matt’s castle adventures

  1. Lynne And Gerry Prins says:

    That is hilarious- I like the writing. This time I’ll go to Rovereto Castle (and the peace bell maybe?). Lynne

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