Sabbionara Castle, no lunch in Avio, carnevale in Po’ di sinistra


We cycled 25k to check out the castle near Avio in Sabbionara today, only to find their website had been out of date and the castle is closed for another week. How unfortunate.

There was no way I was talking the return journey without a solid lunch in my stomach, but then we discovered what we always discover on these trips, which is this: if you choose to leave home at midday on a Sunday, all small towns will be shut up and deserted by 3 in the afternoon when we are ready for lunch. Also unfortunate.

Hungry Matt hanging out in front of Avio’s old fire station:


Fortunately for us, this is the month of carnevale celebrations. Over the river in Po’ di Sinistra a small fair was taking place, the main purpose of which was for small children in costume (the girls were princesses, the boys a variety of super heroes, super Mario’s and a solo Papa del Gnocco) to play with confetti. But there was also food, operating on an offerings box system, so for €5 we found ourselves with bowls of pasta and cups of wine, pretty much the best we could have hoped for.

Our lunch:


And the confetti, with an appearance from my tired legs (like, really tired. They really wanted to give up and fall off on the ride home):



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