On skiing, and careless chairlift rides

We headed up to Folgaria the other weekend for a spot if snowboarding (my first of the season, Matt’s third). The snow hasn’t properly hit here yet (if it ever will..) but luckily the snow machines are cranking out a decent covering of white powder to fill any gaps.

I was intelligent enough to drop my right-hand glove from the chairlift while taking a photo of some trees (I thought the view was scenic, alright?), so my hand went through a lot to get these photos to you. I attempted to make it through the day sans glove, but Matt’s concern about my chilled and ever chilling hand sent me back to the ski shop after three trips down the mountain. We were able to spot both my glove, and at least six others, on every trip back up the chair lift, so I at least kept my companions entertained. We had a good day! I was pleased to find out that I had managed to retain some snowboarding ability, coming away with only one bruised knee after a couple of spills and near misses with small children, result!

So, some snaps from our day: selfies on the chairlift (my glove was already gone by this point):20140202-180241.jpg

The view down the mountain. You know something isn’t so right when you’re on the snow and the higher hills are  green as can be..20140202-180334.jpg

Dangerous photos, it was while taking this one that I dropped my glove. Worth it? Debatable. Smart? No. 20140203-165404.jpg

Not that they were the most efficient ski gloves anyway, the ice had a nasty habit of sticking to the fibers.20140203-165318.jpg

Matt in progress. 20140202-180233.jpg

At the end of the day. Beautiful!20140202-180304.jpg


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