Black and white movies

As part of our ongoing (neverending) attempt to learn Italian, we have started watching some Italian movies in our spare time. So we spent our Saturday night at home watching Bicycle Thieves (originally The Bicycle Thief), a film made and set in postwar Italy. And was it depressing! I felt ridiculously sad when it ended, I wont say how because no one likes a spoiler. But who knew a bicycle could have so many consequences.

I read on wikipedia after how there is some criticism about the stereotyped Italianess of the Italians in the movie, and there was plenty of hand gestures and yelling from various angry crowds (the hand waving at over crowded trolly buses that wouldn’t wait to let everyone on was my favourite), including from the kid who played the son. What a face!

Another note on our Italian learning – it is still pretty abysmal, but we’re trying! I had to drop out of the community class lessons we had been taking because of the hours I started working, so am slowly working my own way through a Berlitz book and my Harry Potter (still!). Matt’s doing slightly better – he is still going to class and is taking the end of term test this week, so has been spending some time studying up for that. So he is putting me to shame, just a little bit.


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