Christmas! We survived our first winter Christmas (though we are now holding out for a white Christmas next year), our first Christmas without family (though plenty of skyping was done) and our first Christmas hosting people for dinner (my concern that we wouldn’t have enough food was unfounded. It’s now Saturday and our leftovers will last until tomorrow at least).

Our Christmas was:

a Christmas Eve spent watching It’s a Wonderful Life while drinking Cuba libres and eating pizza.

three Italian Christmas cakes – two panettone and one pandoro. I impulsively bought one during my Monday shopping only to be given another by the family I babysit some for, then the third came with a Christmas guest. So if anyone wants cake, please come eat some.

a Christmas dinner for us and some of the few people who had stayed behind for the holidays. I didn’t find out until the next day that I had bought lemonade instead of soda for the aperol spritz we were drinking. But if anyone else realised they were too polite to say. This photo was taken before all the food came out and before I broke one of our wine glasses.

Christmas stockings! It’s been an expensive year for us, what with changing countries and all the travel we have been doing, so we kept gifts for each other low key and just had stockings. Though our stockings were another example of how un-italian we still are – here they don’t come out until 6 January when they are filled by Befana instead of Father Christmas. So maybe we get a repeat..

and international gift giving. I didn’t open my gifts from my family while we were skyping, so they got photos of me with gifts instead. Thanks for the jersey, Amanda!

We also had plenty of dog walks (we dog sat for a friend who was away for Christmas and got to hang with a beagle. She was pretty much the cutest except for during evenings when she liked to bark. A lot), cooked a zampone cotto (a hollowed out pigs trotter filled with pork mince. Except that I overcooked it and its little toes fell off. It was not delicious), and have been doing a lot of sleeping. I’ve only been working four weeks but this two week break feels amazing.


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