Christmas markets: we can’t stop

Photos from last weekend when we tripped up north to visit the Bolzano Christmas markets, and thereby pushing the Innsbruck ones back to next year. Sigh. Our market visits started slow – a two week break followed the opening night of Rovereto markets. But since then we have been going strong, with close to two visits a week (sometimes more for Matt, I can’t keep track) and plenty of mulled wine consumed*. Sunday night we even managed a quick half hour at Trento’s markets before they were shut down for the night. So much mulled wine and greasy festive food (if you can call a sausage in a roll festive – but it is the only time of year you can get anything better than an unappetising wurstel around here and Matt has been taking full advantage).

Of all the markets (all the three..) we went to, Bolzano’s were definitely the biggest and most beautiful. All my photos were taken during the day, but we did also return in the early evening and saw everything with lights.

And for tonight, we’re planning to return to our local markets tonight for our Christmas eve. For more mulled wine and cheap processed meats. mmmmm.

*I did read at least one article decrying the drift of European markets to be more focused on wine, food and festival rides** and less focused on traditional crafts. We definitely did check out all the stalls but didn’t buy anything, this year anyway. Our Christmas decoration stash is pretty minimal – this year we have two decorations hanging from door handles and a basil plant acting as our Christmas tree – but if I do decide I want all the European Christmas market Christmas decorations, then that’s a buying task for next year. So for this year we were solely on the consumables side.

**Italy never received the festival ride memo, so we’re good and traditional down here


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