We went to London last weekend for the miniest of mini breaks, to see a friend one last time before she returned to New Zealand. I had forgotten how big London is, and how many people cram into it, especially around Oxford and Regent streets, especially at Christmas. So it was a little overwhelming for us going straight there from our tiny town. We couldn’t get over the lines; for restaurants, for an event we wanted to attend at the Tate Britain, at ticketing machines. And how long it took to reach places, but it was awesome. I want to go back already!

We only had two days there, but tried to fit in what we could. I took Matt on a mini tour from where I used to work to where I used to live. We went to a christmas party full of kiwis where i came across someone who had worked at the same organisation in the same team as me, just a year or two apart. because New Zealand is that small. We also ate as many Bassetts jelly babies as possible, and visited as many restaurants as possible. Roast dinner pub feed? Yes please! Bacon naan for brunch? Yes please! That one I want to recreate at home, but I have to first figure out the yeast situation. (Today I did manage to find the baking soda I need for biscuits I want to make – in the fizzy drink/soda aisle. Because of course)

It was awesome to see friends, and to be back in an English speaking country for the first time in seven months.. Going to the post office was so easy (and so cheap, seriously. I never want to post anything from Italy ever again), as was ordering in restaurants and reading the free-issue newspapers. I mean I can do most of those things here, but I still find them a bit stressful.

ETA: my sister pointed out that this (and other posts) sometimes just end. She’s right, it did. I musta got distracted or something..


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