The best part of the new job (English teaching) is reading the articles that the questions and discussions are then formed around. This was how I came across the blue footed booby, a slightly ridiculous but adorable looking bird. The worst part of the new job is that sometimes I have to get up at 7, and I’m finding that really hard. Because I’m not used to it and because it’s so cold. No snow yet though!

Also this past week we both participated in Matt’s work’s Christmas show. I do believe there is video evidence, but I don’t believe I will share it here.

Yesterday we tripped up to Bolzano to check out their Christmas markets, and ate sausage for lunch and dinner. Healthy. We also acquired Bolzano Christmas market mugs which, aside from a small stack of presents that have arrived in the mail, are the only festive ornaments in our house. No tree, no lights.. I do have plans for candles, though.

I missed checking out the Santa Lucia markets in Verona as Christmas show prep meant there was no time. On the 13th Santa Lucia leaves gifts for children who have been good, and coal for those who have been bad. The Veronese are the only Italians to celebrate Santa Lucia – though it has spread a little further – and some celebrate this instead of Christmas. The tradition of gift giving started when children were persuaded/bribed with gifts to make a bare footed pilgrimage in winter to the saint to try cure an eye disease that had been hanging around. I’ve been told that I didn’t miss anything by missing the markets, which are only around for three days, but I do plan to try again next year.

And we have reached our Sunday on the end of three nights out in a row. As well as the show we also joined in for a couple of a ’12 pubs of christmas’ pub crawl and a Christmas party with plenty of wine and secret Santa gifts, So I’ve spent most of the day in bed, partly for the warmth, and partly for the late afternoon mini nap.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Thanks for the mention about xmas markets in Verona. The ones around our town are just little ones and last for only 1 day. And about the Veronese being the only ones to celebrate St. Lucy, omigosh, you gotta check out (youtube) how they honor her in Sicily! So, so different from the north.

    • Oh that is so interesting, thanks for bringing the other celebrations to my attention! That will teach me for relying in what people have said, and not doing any of my own research 🙂 I’m pretty sure the Verona markets are from the 11th to 13th, I hope to check them out myself next year

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