a most wonderful time of the year

(maybe) Regardless of your opinion of Christmas, it definitely is the season. I thankfully haven’t been in too many stores lately, so have been spared the worst of the carols that accompany December (at my second-ever Thanksgiving dinner last week [hurray for American friends!] we wondered about the nonexistence of Thanksgiving carols, do any exist? Combined suggestions produced this: ‘last Thanksgiving I gave you my heart, on black Friday you gave it away’. Oh the millions we will make).

The end of November also meant the arrival of the Rovereto Christmas markets, which we went to check out on their opening night. There are apparently some grumbles about the migration of German-style Christmas markets so far south, and we have been told that these markets are tiny compared to those found in Bolzano, or in Austria or Germany. But Rovereto is a tiny town, so tiny markets do make sense. We hope to venture further north to check out some of the bigger markets before the end of December.

I don’t know what to make of the Neptune fountains that populate this part of Italy, considering our distance from the sea. Trento also has one, as does Bologna. Something about its importance was explained during Italian class, but my language knowledge is still poor. I think it has something to do with the abundant water supply of these parts, but the Rovereto fountain at least is the target of fun – the square it is located in is called the ‘square of the ducks’.


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