Five things for Wednesday


One. The mushed front of the truck that made me late for what was only my fifth day of work. Somehow my bus managed to stop for a red light but this guy didn’t.

Two. Dodgy history lesson number one: I attempted to impart my meager knowledge of the pink and white terraces and the volcano that destroyed them to Matt Saturday night. I think he leaned something.

Three. Dodgy history lesson number two: I was helping the Italian girl I babysit with her homework on Monday, and was asked the question ‘what is captain cook?’ She attempted to translate it into Italian while I was explaining that it is a name, first coming up with Capitano Biscotto, then Capitano Cucina (a cook as in a chef). Captain biscuit, love it! She also had Italian grammar homework, we struggled with that one.

Four. Rovereto finally decorated the giant tree that currently graces Piazza Rosmini.

Five. The menu of the Bologna trattoria where we had dinner on Saturday. Lucky we read this outside before going in, as the only menu available once we were sitting down was held in the owners head.


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