Mac’ n’ Cheese? No..Please! – Pasta alla Parmigiana

I made this recipe for pasta alla parmigiana, and it was delicious. I came across this blog post at the perfect time – when we had decided we should stop searching for all the spices and fresh coriander to continue making our favourites from home, and start taking full advantage of the well-stocked mozzarella and ricotta cheese aisle while we have access to it. It took a lot of pots and pans, including a cake tin (as our only suitable oven dish). Which we then pretended not to notice piled high in the sink, until our impending weekend mini-break resulted in a last minute speed wash. One day we might learn.

Peeking into Italy

Hey food lovers!!!! 😀
This pasta looks tasty, doesn’t it?? And soon you can learn how to cook it too!! In fact, I’m proud to introduce you a new column on Peeking into Italy dedicated to Italian cuisine, the authentic one, in collaboration with Vittorio Caselli from the cooking blog He is a very nice Italian guy so I’m sure you will enjoy following him with his delicious and original Italian recipes!
Without losing any more time, I hand over to Vittorio, who will explain to you everything!

Hi everyone! (I didn’t know how to start but I guess it’s a classic!). My name is Vittorio Caselli and I really love cooking. I’m 20 years old, I study psychology (or psychology studies me, I’m not sure yet) in Naples but since I’ve started my blog I’m trying to learn everything possible about cooking. I’ve “known” Michela…

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