Trento – five things


A photo collage from a quick and unnecessary trip to Trento – to check out the sports store for the boxing gloves that I then bought right here in Rovereto. I’ve been trying out kickboxing; I’m terrible but its fun so I’m going to keep trying.

1. Hot chocolate, delicious. Not as thick as some of the other hot chocolates I have tried, that have been so thick it’s like drinking cake mix, but still delicious. 2. Fried mozzarella balls, also delicious. From the Thursday street market in Trento. The carts selling the fried food are also where I get my hit chip fix when the cravings call. 3. Unlit Christmas lights hanging in a tree. Not working means I’m out and about in cities during odd parts of the day, so I’ve seen Christmas lights going up all over. 4. It’s only November, a little early for Christmas trees, but as its getting colder and greyer around these parts it’s actually kind of nice. Winter: Christmas as it should be. 5. Random graffiti, on a half boarded up door.


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