Mementos for Juliet


I took a trip to Verona on Wednesday and had time for a wander before my midday appointment. It’s always so much fun to head to a bigger city after hanging out in Rovereto for a couple weeks, and Verona is particularly pretty. I still don’t know may way around too well, so tend to stick to the main parts of town. This means I stop in at the courtyard on Juliet’s house nearly every visit, mostly out of curiosity of the state of the tourist memento walls. You have three options for leaving your mark, bedsides leaving a letter to Juliet in the letter box to be answered as in Letters to Juliet (terrible movie, don’t see it):

One: as graffiti on the walls leading to the courtyard (second photo on the left). There is a note up asking people to write only in the confines of a certain area – which is pretty much black it is so covered in pen – of course no one pays attention.

Two: by attaching a padlock to a gate/wall (photo on the top left). This is the most interesting part to observe. The souvenir shop in the courtyard sells the padlocks that most people attach, so there is a very standard colour scheme. For a while it was all pink, white and red, now they are selling metallic shades. The gate gets so covered that padlocks are attached to padlocks that cascade from the wall in big loops. Until they all get cut off, leaving the gate bare until the cycle starts over again.

Three: third and final and most disgusting is a chewing gum wall (no photos because gross. The rest are of around Verona on Wednesday). This started as pieces of gum being stuck to the wall, often with names written on them, often shaped as hearts. The gum is now being used to stick notes to the wall (letters are no longer allowed to be pushed between gaps in the stone of the actual house), which is all just a bit gross.

So, how would you choose to mark your visit to Juliet’s house? So far I’ve done none of the three. Or even that other favourite, posing for a photo while clutching the right breast of the statue of Juliet. But we’ve only been here six months, so there is still time.


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