Saint Nicholas

On our way back to Italy from Croatia, the sister found the most useful tidbit of Lonely Planet information: that Bari, on Italy’s lower East Coast (where our ferry was landing), was home to the remains of Saint Nicholas, also known as the man who became Santa Claus (I mean Father Christmas, sorry mum). We had some time between the ferry arrival and bus departure, so we took a quick trip to the church. Of course.

We had wondered what this church might mean for the children of Bari, if the presence of Saint Nicholas altered their perception of the more recent ways of celebrating Christmas. But, due to a photo that Amanda posted on Instagram, we learnt that the people of Bari don’t consider Saint Nicholas and Santa as the same person, lucky for the kids.

So the only question left to ask is, how the Coca Cola managed to turn Saint Nicholas from this:
20131027-185601.jpginto this.. Dude on the right being the Southern Hemisphere Santa, obviously:20131027-190518.jpg


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