Feeling hungry?


The view of this McDonald’s fry packet outside our flat this morning initially sparked snarky thoughts of ‘you know McDonald’s has arrived when…’* (because arrive in Rovereto it certainly has, but so far on the outskirts it’s practically in Mori). But then, on a walk alongside the river I came across a massive leaf and rubbish (mostly potato chip packets) pile, blown together by the strong winds we were having today. So McDonald’s doesn’t create rubbish, people create rubbish.

Not all new restaurant arrivals are bad though! Since summer ended, Rovereto has also scored a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, and a bar serving sushi. The vegetarian restaurant was still popular enough the week after its opening that we were unable to eat a table on a Friday night without a reservation. Who knew Rovereto was so cosmopolitan?

*I have wondered what McDonald’s (and Burger King) thinks of the visible rubbish its food creates. In Wellington at the end of a weekend night, the street surrounding fast food restaurants will be flooded with rubbish that is exploding from the bins. But maybe for them it’s just extra advertising, another way for a potential customer to be reminded of their product which may turn into a sale next time that person is feeling peckish..?


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