As a rule, markets in New Zealand are of the cutesy, crafty homemade kind. Notable exceptions being food; fruit and vege markets, and food stalls. So it was almost something of a disappointment to arrive overseas and find that markets are so.. normal. As if someone took the contents of their shop and spread it over an outdoor table. A more fun alternative to normal shops, but less cutesy, crafty than I was expecting. I first came across this experience of market shopping in South East Asia and had assumed it was isolated here. Not true! I found the same at Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp market, at London’s Petticoat Lane Market.. and again at Rovereto’s Tuesday morning market.

I’m over any disappointment now, and still like to venture out every Tuesday, even if just for a browse. What I can’t get over is the underwear and how it is displayed. I probably shouldn’t find it so amusing but I do, and don’t think I could ever bring myself to shop for underwear there.

Photos from last week – today when I arrived, ready to do some early Christmas shopping, the rain had just started and all stock was being gathered up very quickly. I’m not sure how they manage in winter – either there isn’t a lot of rain or no one gets any shopping done.


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