The Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere Dubrovnik
During my visit to Croatia with the sister, I came across a picture of the Hotel Belvedere while checking out the hashtag #Dubrovnik on Instagram. This hotel was shelled during the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991, and has been mostly abandoned ever since. I’m not sure on the rules or ethics for poking around old buildings, but an interest in abandoned buildings won out so we hiked up there on a rainy Monday morning to check it out. The hotel gets a brief mention on Time Out’s website, so it’s becoming something of a tourist destination at any rate.

One section of the hotel appeared to be used for boat repairs, and apparently raves used to be held there. There didn’t appear to be anybody else around when we were there, not that we went over the whole place, as it was massive and I was a little freaked out by who or what we might find.

Hotel Belvedere

A view of the old town from the hotel

Hotel Belvedere

One of the staircases

Hotel Belvedere club door Hotel Belvedere Hotel Belvedere hallway




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