Sunday breakfasts

I had an email from a friend suggesting this blog would be the place he would see a ‘proper set of pictures’ other than the travel snaps that have been uploaded to facebook. Trouble is, I’ve mostly been only uploading travel snaps here too. It’s so easy for what surrounds you to turn so normal so quickly, and therefore seemingly unworthy of a photo or documentation.

So I thought I’d start with the very basic and the very mundane; today’s breakfast:


Some thoughts on my flavourless bran flakes:

1. This breakfast is obviously not very Italian. Lessons learned while living with Italian host families for three weeks suggests they favour a much sweeter breakfast of sugary pastries, biscuits (!! seriously) and nutella. One host dad did have a large bowl of milk one morning, but the small sprinkling of cornflakes was accompanied by broken pieces of biscuit. Also, the giant mugs of water that tea was served in get microwaved as these espressoholics don’t own jugs for boiling water.

2. The two weeks of travel that ended with my sister and I eating all the doughnuts for breakfast in Napoli have clearly taken their toll. I’m doing my best to get back to normal eating habits, but I probably started eating the chocolate marshmallow lollies (that were part of a grocery order that arrived with my parents) not too long after. To be fair, it is a hungover Sunday over here.

3. Flavourless bran flakes! These are part of Matt’s hunt for a economically healthy breakfast. In New Zealand he was a three-to-four weetbix eater, and will go through a packet of muesli in a couple of days. We found a tiny box of a similar bix in one supermarket but they weren’t worth the price. So the bits of shredded cardboard will hang around for a while longer.

In other news, the mountains around Rovereto received their first snow dusting overnight on Friday. If it’s this chilly already, then my old winter coat is definitely not going to cut it this year. And apparently setting up a LinkedIn profile on a whim is apparently not the best ego booster for the unemployed. Why is it all the social media connections have the impressive career-advancing-sounding job titles? (answer, likely, because those who don’t aren’t on LinkedIn. Perhaps I’ll delete my newly created account)


One thought on “Sunday breakfasts

  1. Lynne & Gerry says:

    Those aren’t wheat ‘flakes’- Kellogs call their little twigs- All-Bran Original- you might have to hit the translate app to find out what your home brand ones are called

    Good photo though :}


    [Though I like our Kellogs All-Bran Wheat Flakes and they are great for Afghans, Italy’s Kellogs wheat ‘flakes’ are so much nicer.]

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