Venetian tourist hats and the Biennale

Hayley in a hat
Best Venetian souvenir, aka, me looking like a tit. Matt wasn’t too keen to be seen with me if I chose to wear the hat in public, strange that. So I’ll wait to be invited to a ship themed party before I bust it out again.

We’ve been in Venice for the weekend with my parents, sister and cousin, and spent most of our Saturday popping into any of the Biennale exhibits that we came across. The locations of the art was amazing, we got to see inside some amazing palaces while checking out the art. Special effort was made to see New Zealand’s contribution, but every thing else we saw was a lucky find. A group favorite was from Mexico, an amazing instrument somehow made with Quartz. That was housed in an ex-church with only the grand alter still remaining of any furnishings and most of the floor dug out. All the notes I picked up about what we had seen went home with Matt this morning, so I’m not going to try write anything else about what I probably incorrectly remember.

This was our final trip together before mum and and dad leave for home. We had timed the trip to meet up with my cousin Anneke who is in the middle of her European tour, and is starting on the Italy leg. I have no idea if we will make it back to New Zealand within the next year so it was cool to see more family and hang out together

*photo from Amanda
**any formatting issues to be blamed by the wordpress app going balls up since the iPhone update. I don’t thinks it’s intended for 4s. ETA: I’ve done some app updates since publishing this and now everything seems to be working just fine. Thanks, technology!


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