Kath and Kim in Italy

The entertainment value of this post may be limitedbut it will be there for me, so I’m going to go ahead with it anyway.

But first, an italian lesson from the least qualified teacher out there (me). In Italian, in words with a che, chi and ce, ci combination, the pronunciation of the ‘h’ is basically reversed. So ce gets an imaginary h slipped in there, just for pronunciation purposes. This only applies for i’s and e’s, and not the other vowels or other c and h combinations. This took a little while to get used to, and it can still get confusing in that way where you get used to reversing something, but then forget and reverse it again. It happens.

All that for this short story.. Last week I met up with Matt and his parents at spritz o’clock in time to hear the results of a pronunciation discussion about how to order a glass of chardonnay. Despite the fact that everyone should have known better, the che/ce pronunciation rule was applied here. Which wouldn’t have been entertaining in the slightest if it weren’t for the Australian comedy show, Kath and Kim. And Kim’s insistence one episode that the h in chardonnay was silent, so it was pronounced cardonnay. I couldn’t find video of the episode online, so this picture will have to do. You get the general idea..

Kath and Kim

Photo from here:


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