A foodie weekend, part two*

Trentino Malga

This past weekend was full of food dates. As well as our pizza trip on Friday we also barbecued with colleagues of Matt, and on Sunday his supervisors took us to check out, and eat at, at Malga (above). Malghe are mountain restaurants, which is a pretty cool concept. I think they’re mostly set up for walkers and hikers (there are also refugio dotted all over, these combine the food with bunk beds for people doing multi-day tramps), but they also have roads right up to them. So we drove. The mountain air was so cool and fresh, I can see why Rovereto-ians escape to the mountains during August. This was my first trip up the mountains, and it kind of made me want a car of our own, so we can do day trips like this more often. Because, stunning. A couple more pictures of the view follow..

Trentino mountain summer house



Trentino mountains
* misleading blog title, as this post was never going to be about the food! We both had sausages and polenta, all hearty mountain food, and finished up with a drive to Mori for gelato sundaes.


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