A foodie weekend (possibly part one)

Cycling in Trentino, Italy
Friday night we cycled 7k or so north to check out what is generally considered to be the best pizzeria of the area (La Rocca). I had hoped the restaurant was going to be housed in this castle. No such luck. A minor storm rolled in, so we had one of the coolest evenings in a while. Though the constant breeze meant my pizza was cold before I was half way through, AND we didn’t sample any of the award winning pizzas. So we have to go back. Lucky we have guests arriving soon.
Cycling in Rovereto
Selfies on the way..
Matt caught in an un/fortunate pose.
A slight deviation from the bike path took us through the middle of grape vines and apple trees. I think it must be getting close to picking time.20130812-184054.jpg
Some of the awards backing up the best pizza claimants. 20130812-184123.jpg
They also had the bluest toilets I have ever seen. I mean, check this out!


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