On Monday we took advantage of a Rovereto public holiday to day trip north to Bolzano. Bolzano is a pretty city, bigger than Rovereto and with more shopping.. hello H&M (damn that cheap shopping is addictive, really mustn’t make it a habit!). We spent the day wandering around the city, attempting to remain to the shade. We also paid a visit to a 5000 year old mummy that was found in the early 90s up in the mountains.





There is some interesting recent history around the area’s Italianization pre-WWII. Like Rovereto, Bolzano was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until World War I, and a German speaking city. It was Mussoloni’s Italianization programme that brought about more Italian speaking. More information is available here (love Wikipedia):

There is still a lot of German spoken here, especially outside of Bolzano. The upshot of which was that we were spoken to in German all day, as everyone can still immediately tell we were not Italian, though our lack of response received us some funny looks.

Özti is the name of the mountain mummy. Strange to think you could die unknown and alone in the mountains, then 5000 years later someone builds an entire museum focused on you. From extensive tests they have deciphered both how he died and what his last meal was. Visitors to the museum can peek at Özti laid out on a table in his little freezer box. I picked up two postcards from the museum gift shop, one featuring Özti as a sticker:

The other showing off his iceman clothes:

In the museum there was a wall of children’s drawings of Özti. Why this one is flying a plane with Obama I have no idea.

Bolzano is also host to Christmas markets, so come December we will be returning. Until next time, Bolzano!


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