Ciao! Ciao!

With Hayley busy out of Rovereto teaching children to sing and dance to Mighty Boosh songs, I figured it was high time to pitch in and write my first post, separated into the obvious headings:

Animals. Lizards and cuckoos have been the extent of funky wildlife we’ve experienced in Rovereto so far. While I have yet to come across anything like the horror movie in progress we witnessed in Sydney en route*, Hayley saw a snake outside Vicenza and I’ve been reassured that scorpions and adders sometimes frequent Rovereto in the summertime. Cat-sitting in Rome was awesome.

Sports. I have yet to spontaneously bust out a haka, attend a Fat Freddy’s gig, or re-watch Flight of the Conchords, but I did join the local rugby team for a few training runs before their season ended. My first** forays into sports have resulted in a lovely bruise playing rugby and a fat lip from trying to catch a Frisbee™ point-blank with my face. I’ve since shifted focus to more individual pursuits and am eyeing up the Rovereto StrongManRun in September. Oh and biking here is just aces.

Magnets. I followed Hayley’s lead and surrendered myself to a giant magnet. For research.

Music. I heroically saved an accordion from further sun damage at the local markets. I’ve also been kindly lent the same guitar I had borrowed in Amsterdam a few years before (complete with the sheet music I had previously left in the guitar case).

*A giant huntsman spider, big as a dinner plate, crawling over a car windscreen as it drove past us on a Saturday night.

**Evacuating a 45th floor apartment building in Abu Dhabi with a small child on my back after a rare earthquake doesn’t count. Even if it gave me sore calves for a week.


4 thoughts on “Ciao! Ciao!

    • Pretty much the equivalent of a beer rigger, I’d wager. The empty gallon-sized jugs for sale (seen in the top left of the photo) leave me in no doubt as to how much you’re expected to fill per visit..

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