Italian school lunches


I a week working at a ‘summer city camp’ as an English tutor. A city camp means the kids go home at the end of the day.. and so do you (to an Italian host family, my best insight into Italian life yet). It was the most intense week I have had in a while! Luckily I had most of the following week off, as I then set off to do it again for the following four weeks.

It was strangely nice to be working again and we were fed the biggest school lunches I have ever seen. I photographing them one week, as you do, but never kept it up. As you can see I always chose the apple option over dessert. I was in schools in Orzinuovi (close to Brescia), Brendola (close to Vicenza) and in Rovereto (in Trentino) where the school cafeteria or camp organisers provided amazing lunch everyday. Only one school, San Vito (near Mantua), had the kids and us bring a packed lunch.

Food is very important here, so it’s no surprise that this extends to what children are fed when they’re out of home and away from the parents. Most schools, even full-day pre-schools/childcare centres provide a hot lunch in the middle of the day. The format was pretty consistent, following the traditional first and second course meal, with pasta, meat and vegetable options, plus fruit or yogurt desert (sometimes cake), salad, bread and water. Not bad, Italy.

Post updated post-camp.


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