We cat-sat in Roma

We were offered a last minute opportunity to cat sit in Rome. So we said yes. Obviously. And rearranged schedules, booked train tickets and packed off within a week. Easy. Far easier than the weekend in Venice we had been trying, and failing, to organise. It’s funny how low-fuss things can be, and how organised we are when necessary! Pretty much close to zero of all of my trips and moves have started from my initiation, despite my grand plans and ideas. They have come from conferences here (not mine! I’m turning into a serial tag-along-er), invitations there, and the job offer that brought us to Italy (again, not mine).

But, back to Rome. It was the first trip for both of us and a destination I had had some reservations about. About how big the city was and how much of a draw it was for tourists. Like, how would we find decently priced tasty places to eat when surely there were people ready to take advantage of tourists at every corner. I needn’t have worried as Rome is a pretty cool city. It was definitely massive – we hardly scratched the surface of food to eat and places to see – but that just means there is plenty saved for next time!

We checked out some of the big ticket tourist items – as an ex-classics student (college and briefly at uni) it would have been rude of me not to have at least a quick peak at ancient Rome – and spent most of our evenings in the Trastevere area as it was close to where we were staying. I loved its leafiness and car-free (?? or at least there can’t have been many cars) streets after the bustle of the main roads. We even found a tiny bar serving Italian craft beer! During the few days we were there we had our first cannoli (delicious) and another round of terrible croissants (I think it’s something to do with too much sugar, not enough butter – we’ll stick to the Italian classics from now on). We also got to chill out with a pretty cool Italian cat, and I watched Point Break for the first time – in Italian, so I am slightly at a loss as to what the plot was.


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