Postage roulette (Postcards from Italy)

I’m amazed any of my postcards have been reaching home as, according to the Italian post website, I have been putting the wrong amount of postage on all of them. This isn’t my fault! I had chosen to buy my stamps from the Tabbachi stores (like a newsagent) – the post office requires you to take a ticket from a machine, the first time I went in my non-Italian brain was a bit overwhelmed so I left again (such a chicken) – but after being quoted a different price to send letters to NZ for the third time, I finally checked the website. And have since bought stamps from the post office.

I feel like I’m in a bit of a bind now! If I have been getting away with saving one euro per postcard, should I continue to risk it? Or will the postal service start to recognise my handwriting and ditch my post? Such a dilemma.

Today we are away to Rome and from there I am straight to teaching at a summer camp for at least a week. In the meanwhile I’ll leave the blog in Matt’s hands..


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