Second update

We have passed the one month mark in Italy by more than a week.. crazy! Things are going well, though we are unlikely to be successfully through the set up stage until we brave a trip to ikea for a guest mattress and bedding. We have achieved a lot though: like the Internet, setting up a bank account (our first joint account, woah! Big steps), hosting our first guests and buying bikes. Matt even joined the local rugby team for their final week of practices before the season ended, and received one hell of a bruise to prove it. We both went to watch the final game of the season, where they had hot chips and beer for the supporters. Um, if all games are like that I could be encouraged to attend more than just a few!

We have mostly been hanging around in Rovereto, working on our daily routine. There has been a lot of the humdrum and mundane. Though even the most boring tasks (like visiting the bank to have an Internet banking password reset) turn into nerve shattering terrifying events when you don’t understand much of what is going on. I either need to learn some Italian, and fast, or stop being so self-conscious about my lack of ability. (I didn’t make it to the bank, Matt emailed our defacto personal banker to have the password reset) (though I have since been to the bank, on my own even)

There has also been a lot of the far more interesting and exciting. It was fun to have guests (my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend, visiting from London) for a weekend. We managed to get out and about, for some wine tasting in Mori and to see the sights in Riva del Garda, as well as drinking a whole lot of wine (purchased from the cantina in Mori) and eating a whole lot of food. The eating and drinking is surely the best part of any holiday. And we are heading to Rome this week to do some cat sitting. Sounds like the best excuse I have ever had to go to Rome.

Our mastery of the language is still decidedly average, though everyone we encounter is pretty nice about it. We are both keen to learn more, so will be signing up to lessons once they start in September.

And now for the photo equivalent of this update:


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