Riva del Garda, trip one

In doing some research for my cousin’s visit this weekend, I looked into buses to Riva del Garda (on Lago di Garda) and found that you could travel there with the greatest of ease. Something about not having a car meant that I felt undertaking any trip was a massive adventure, and it doesn’t need to be! So when I found a second hand bike on Subito (similar to Trade Me, and ebay i guess?) that was a pick up from Riva del Garda, I decided it was not only feasible to buy it, but that I would take an extra trip (we’re heading there for some sightseeing tomorrow) on Friday espcially to retrieve it.

I’m glad I did as Lago di Garda is beautiful. With boats:

and mist:

It reminded me a lot of Milford Sound in New Zealand, where we visited a couple of years ago:

We now both have bikes (Matt bought his two weeks ago from a shop around the corner)! Though we are yet to take them out. Although there is a cycle path from Rovereto to Riva del Garda, I actually brought mine back on the bus as it was raining and the temperature freezing.


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