Italian cooking for beginners


This is how we cook at home – thanks Google translate! Having on hand translation services has also been useful for supermarket trips for choosing hair products, and searching for sour cream. We didn’t bother confirming our guess when buying fresh coriander, and took home parsley instead.. It’s all part of the learning process!

We have been eating a little more ‘Italian’, starting with baby steps like replacing rice with pasta as our main meal base. Last weekend we attempted fried mozzarella.. It was delicious. I recommend all the fried cheeses. I also made baci di dama, tiny hazelnut flavoured biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate, using a recipe some friends gave us before we left NZ. Though our most authentic local meals have come the (two) times we have ventured past the pizza places* when eating out. We have both tried canederli (I think, I may have had something else), stodgy but delicious bread dumpling balls.

Being so far north means this part of Italy is influenced by foods from Austria and Germany. There is plenty of wurstel around and even strudel. I spoke to someone who was unimpressed with the restaurant offerings of Rovereto; we haven’t ventured far enough yet to make any comparisons, so we think everything is delicious (possibly we have no idea what we’re missing out on).

Most of our shops so far have been at supermarkets, since we were starting with empty cupboards. Though we have started to check out some of the markets and specialty food stores, there seem to be some tasty looking places around.

*there has been a lot of pizza, and it has all been delicious. I look forward to venturing south to Naples and Rome to check out the pizza down there.


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