First update

At the end of our second week in Italy… We have been stumbling through the language, starting to navigate our way around our town and have even ventured outside it, for a day trip to Trento and to check out a folk festival in a neighbouring village. There may have been a three day period between us moving into our flat and the hot water being connected, and we are yet to get the Internet, but we are getting there!

We have been spending much of our time setting up the necessary things and buying stuff for our flat. With the help of Matt’s colleagues, we had managed to organise a place to live before we arrived. We met our landlord for the first time two hours after arriving in the city, who talked us through our three page rental contract, with his nephew on hand for translation assistance. He had been hopeful that I might speak German for a common language, no such luck! Though I wish I did, people in this part of Italy are more likely to speak German as a second language than English, and they assume non-Italian speakers are German.

We are really happy with our flat though we are still working on furnishing it; our soon-to-be guest room is currently empty except for a desk and a dying pot plant (we have yet to discover where to shop for decently priced furniture, ikea being too far away for an easy visit). The building it’s in is 100ish years old and has seen some history – according to our landlord it was bombed by the Italians from neighbouring Ala during the First World War, when this area was part of the Austo-Hungarian empire.

We have been helped out in our setup mission by our neighbours and landlord who have lent/given us kitchen things and, in the case of our landlord and his family, have helped us set up a bank account and sign up with the utilities provider. There was quite the list of paperwork and bureaucracy to get through, particularly for Matt with his visa. Setting up our Internet banking alone required upwards of ten(!) signatures. It may take a while to get used to the Italian way of doing things..

Some photos, mostly of old buildings and narrow streets around Rovereto, some of the pizza we have been eating, and a few others of the things we have been doing..




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